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PAN Europe launches 2 new court cases against EU Commission for deceptive protection of health and the environment

Brussels, 20. December 2023. – PAN Europe has initiated 2 new legal actions before the General Court of the EU. The goal is to fix the misimplementation of the EU pesticide legislation. We challenge the new regulation on co-formulants, which is an empty legislation without an obligation for pesticide companies to provide the toxicity data. […]

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Greg Caldwell about Nutrition and the Eye – An interview and fragments of his lectures

Carotenoids are nutrients that have been proven to protect the eye from light damage and several ocular pathologies. Their antioxidative protection is at the molecular level and are most recognized in age related macular degeneration. Many ocular and retinal diseases are linked to low levels are carotenoid levels. However, the retina is a highly metabolic tissue under constant assault.

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Olive oil not only supports heart health but potentially brain health, as well – scientists analyzed

  A new study suggests that incorporating olive oil into your diet could help reduce the risk of dying from dementia. As many countries face rising rates of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, the study offers hope that healthy lifestyle factors such as diet can help to prevent or slow the progression of […]

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Pesticides banned by the EU because of harm and danger are still in our food or environment!

Banned pesticides still widely used! How EU Member states abuse emergency authorisations? Pesticides banned by the EU because of harm and danger are still in our food or environment. Many EU countries continue to allow their use. In a new report, PAN Europe exposes the widespread abuse of emergency derogations in the EU.   Carcinogenic, mutagenic, genotoxic […]

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Are you in yoga?

YOGA – sport or philosophy of life? Every person knows about the benefits of moving the body and about endless list of healthy outcomes of daily body activity. So, why do we delay the moment of starting a good routine? For those who have not started any workout yet, try yoga. Agi Jensen, wellknown fashion designer […]

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Calling for an end to all unethical studies – especially those with the underlying motive of expanding the market for formulas  and ultra processed products for children

IBFAN is launching a PETITION calling for an immediate halt to a new study  –  funded by the Gates Foundation and led by researchers from the University of California – that is randomly allocating infant formula to breastfeedin low-birth-weight babies in Uganda and Guinea-Bissau on assumption that this might prevent wasting and stunting. The study, […]

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The uniqueness of ORGANIC LIFE Final Gala lies in going beyond the scope of ecology itself

In the meadows in Juchowo, representatives of various ecological environments, scientists, doctors and activists met. The ORGANIC LIFE TOP 50 Final Gala was preceded by the Ecomedicine Congress and the Ecological Networking Session. The program of the day, full of attractions, turned out to be extremely beneficial for the participants! Text: Żaneta Geltz Great personalities […]

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