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We are taking care not only about health of the individuals, who follow the movement and get away from artificial life, but also, we are supporting the development of the best manufacturers in the world.

We notice well composed ingredients, we appreciate certificates and boost the sales of the one, who are ready. How do we do that?

We combine businesses: of the shows and manufacturers.

We let them find each other in the amazing crowd. We invite the companies to the best trade shows and festivals in the world and we educate the exhibitors during the selected events how to make better products and compose recipes which are healthier for the consumers. We practice a unique networking where manufacturers, show organizers and certifying institutions find themselves heading the same target: to sell more healthy products, and reduce their impact on the planet.

If you want to be on the list of manufacturers, that we support, write to us and offer the best product you make: >> happy evolution.tv [at] gmail.com

Here are some examples of manufacturers, we promote and recommend

  1. Szambala.com – biodynamic vegetables shipped by courier every week
  2. Herbatint.pl – herbal hair cosmetics
  3. CherryTree.pl – ecological cherry garden, offering configures, honey cream, wine
  4. BlueCorn.pl – blue corn gluten free chips and crackers
  5. Biobabalscy.pl – biodynamic grains and crops
  6. Texpol.net.pl – organic textiles and towels
  7. Nidiesque.com – patented barrier cosmetic for persons with nickel allergy
  8. Bakra.com.pl – natural sweeteners and teas
  9. Alergsova.pl – certified anti-mites textile solutions for bedrooms
  10. Croen-hypo.com – plant-based household chemistry, kitchen cleaners
  11. AquafarinaFermenti – probiotic series of soaps and shampoos
  12. BackToComfort – cosmetic series taking care of balancing pH of the skin
  13. Duolac.dk – natural probiotics
  14. Allergoff.pl – patented antimites spray and neutralizers
  15. GetDirty.eu – specialized sensory dirt-proof coats for creative children
  16. TherapeuticMama – unusual, therapeutic sweets for children and adults
  17. EkoRolna.pl – ecological certified vegetables and plant-based products
  18. HondurasCoffee – organic handmade coffee from Honduras
  19. PuroBio – vegan, natural, certified color cosmetics from Italy
  20. Creamy.pl – natural oils and plant extracts used as beauty cosmetics

Join our zone and get promoted more than ever!
happy evolution.tv [at] gmail.com

Other forms of promotion we offer

  1. Promotional banner on our web site [format: 300 x 050 px]:
    – www.happyevolution.tv and
    – www.hipoalergiczni.pl
  2. Promotional product note in our sites: 800 signs, photo, price, www, link
    – HAPPY EVOLUTION – international
    – HIPOALERGICZNI    – Polish region
  3. Advertisement in above listed sites: within certain articles or on the main page
  4. Editorial in the sites: two options: 3000 or 6000 signs, pictures, links
  5. Editorial in a film: describe what is your story, we select the most exceptional
  6. Participate in the Projects we create: ALLERGY FRIENDLY HOUSE, JAR RECYCLE, ORGANIC GROWTH ALLIANCE and others.

 Example of the editorial: