Our values

Our media deliver high quality information to health-oriented readers, but not only. Many illnesses can be avoided if you have the early awareness of what should be avoided during shopping. We educate which ingredients can expose a person to a risk of allergenic or anaphylactic reaction and which chemicals are rather to be omitted.
Education is our mission.
We mainly base our pattern of communication on Scandinavian models, where consumerism is being reduced and the principle “less is more” is applied on a daily basis in all spheres of life.

Criteria for authors, solutions, methods, products, bloggers and brands, which we are ready to present in our magazine, are the following:

  • Don’t harm – in all meaning of these words, we present only solutions, which leave no doubt that the readers are not exposed to any side effects
  • Balance – what we show and people you meet here are not intending to disturb your comfort, but they aim at getting back your balance and offer methods for helping the situation as a whole, not just taking a pill
  • Nature – we are focused on ecology, biodynamic farming based on heirloom seeds of vegetables, fruits and herbs, we encourage to take advantage of natural ways to keep yourself in a good condition
  • Holism – we avoid promoting methods or products which are only a partial improvement of our health, without taking care of the rest of the areas of our wellbeing, like our mood for example
  • Certificates – therapeutists or product launchers promoting anything here are checked up for certification and safe ingredients, verified by the reliable institutions and organizations
  • Small and local – we find the passionate and genuine creators of a new better reality, respected and well-oriented game changers, making both products and services that may surprise you, how easy and attractive it can be to find your way back home, to your own health; many times these persons are firstly featured in media
  • Trackable sources – writers and authors of our articles in the magazine and online service are expected to share the bibliography, which was used for the concepts and facts presented to our readers
  • Ingredients – products labelled as “hypoallergenic”, “natural”, “ecological”, “bio” and “organic” are not promoted, if they fail to meet high safety criteria, not only for allergy risk, but also cancer or endocrine functions of our body
  • Effectiveness – service, method or a product should offer uncompromised healthy effect without any risk of side effects or risk of addiction, and most importantly, they should deliver declared results
  • Origin – we prefer to promote the products originated in clean zones, free from pesticides, botanically clean farming without the use of herbicides, fungicides, radiation or heavy metals.

If you want to propose your solution and you meet all above demands, you are invited and welcome to contact: happy evolution.tv [at] gmail.com 🙂

Our Code

What we believe is important, is the following:


Declaring the readers the promises, which are later not kept – will soon be found by us and we will cancel our cooperation anyway. Please, share only a reliable knowledge and fact-based information.


ZERO ALLERGENS principle is our trial to make our readers relieved from the obligation of knowing all the toxins’ names and meaning. We expect from our partners that they certify their merchandise and do not employ any harmful ingredients.


It is unacceptable to present any product that in any range could expose our readers to a risk of using or consuming a product having cancerogenic influence on a human body.


It is very important that the offered method or a product are natural and ecological, without any repercussions on a natural environment.


Not only the products should be safe, but also the strategy of a producer should be neutral to the outer world, ethical towards all communities, including the world of animals and plants. We do not support companies having misleading communication towards consumers.