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Why the world goes ORGANIC & VEGAN – our session in Dubai

It is important to reach the audience of trade shows, where not only organic producers are presenting their new products, but also buyers from international and local chains are coming in to learn what’s new. Organic and Natural Products Expo is Middle East’s unique and largest event dedicated to all things natural, organic and healthy. Key market segments represented by at the expo spanned across Food & Beverages, Beauty, Health, Living and Environment.

Participants exchange knowledge, they taste natural and organic food, learn about health and beauty products – across halls of the Dubai World Trade Centre – making the Middle East Organic and Natural Products Expo the biggest gathering of organic and natural products in the MENA region.

The expo also marked participation from top producing countries in the form of 13 country pavilions including China, Poland and UK who made their debut into the Middle Eastern bio market at the event. It also welcomed back India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Turkey, Armenia, Romania, Ghana etc., strengthening the expo’s positioning as the only international sourcing platform for the regional Organic and natural market.

Among other elements of the program, also our magazine – HAPPY EVOLUTION – was invited to inspire show audience to even more organic life style. The participants could also learn how ecological life style connects with vegan diet and how it all impacts our health.

Lecture in 2018 exhibition

In 2019, the organizer of the show invited us to make another session on organic food and organic life, and this time it was about:


After the session we were flooded with invitations to speak in other countries and promote organic food by showing health benefits for the consumers.

Thanks to the lecture, the audience could see the point of concentrating the attention ONLY on organic food, because they gain:

  1. Good look, better skin
  2. Health and less diseases
  3. Ethical and ecological life style
  4. Avoiding refined products (sugar, flour, fats)
  5. Supporting local traditions
  6. Less waste (thanks to ecological solutions)
  7. Major savings to a family budget (less pharmaceutical costs, less medical treatment costs)
  8. Increase of biodiversity and other environmental benefits.

If you are interested in this kind of lecture, based on science and numerous medical publications, you write to us:  promotion@happyevolution.tv 🙂