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What your genes have to do with habits and organic food? Dr. Isabel & Dr. Jyun explain!

Don’t wait for the government to help you or for somebody to make the job for you. It is you, who keeps the steering 
wheel and may push the button “back to health”. What your genes have to do with habits and organic food? 

Żaneta Geltz: I see now that many people prefer to stay passive towards their own lives. They give away the power over their lives to the government, often depending on financing and vaccines, rather than taking responsibility for their own lives and health.

Dr. Jyun: As we understand how our DNA and genes work, it is clear that human beings are continually learning and growing through experience. The DNA stores information from our experiences through internal and external neural stimuli. Unfortunately, our unconscious mind has stored the memories of more trauma, negative experience, and hardship rather than joy, happiness, and fulfillment. It is easier to be more receptive than proactive towards our life and health. Our human “ego” is very comfortable if things are predictable, repetitive, and less risky. Therefore, we as human beings rely on prominent figures’ opinions, directions and perceived authority.

Ż.G.: Please, share your advice on how to take the steering wheel of life, and try to drive in the direction that shows us that our life has a meaning, start doing what matters to others, and improves the planet or our lives. Not just wait for somebody to make improvements or be scared of what happens, or be afraid of changes.

Dr. Jyun: I believe we must start teaching younger generations how to “think” for themselves instead of relying on other people’s opinions or expectations. There is a need for individual responsibility in decision-making. Simultaneously, the education system requires a massive shift towards a collective way of thinking rather than the notion of self-centeredness. Our joint efforts, such as this publication, webinars, online courses, and speaking engagements, are essential for this transformation. The bottom line is we all have a certain level of desire to improve and elevate ourselves. A human being’s primary plan is to expand and grow. Due to the ego-driven human division, the next generations are not receiving the proper guidance or leadership from authentic, heart-centered individuals and role models to be excellent examples. I would strongly urge everyone to wake their inner giants with courage and step outside their comfort zones.

Ż.G.: In isamizu, both of you have been taking care of your patients’ health. What is, in your opinion, the biggest issue that causes people to get sick so often in the last decades?

Dr. Isabel & Dr. Jyun: The causes of disease are fundamentally related to disharmony at a mental, physical, or emotional level. Several factors contribute to imbalances in the body: poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, dehydration, and chronic stress are some of the leading causes; other factors that we see causing people to get sick in the last decades are technology’s adverse effects and chemical exposure. The environment is causing severe health effects, impacting a human’s physiology, psychology, and spirituality. After thousands of years of technological and medical advances, the challenges that we face today are very different from the ones our ancestors had.

Ż.G.: Everybody knows that prevention is 10 times less costly than treatment, but still, we would rather wait for our body to get sick instead of simply eating organic food, moving the body every day, breathe in the forest, walk out the dog. What is your finding? Why do we miss the attention to our health before it is too late?

Dr. Isabel & Dr. Jyun: Human beings have a biological need to repeat old behaviors. The brain’s connections (neuropathways) to the familiar to the known set us back and make it hard to change behavior patterns. There is also a need for survival, preservation, comfort, and avoiding discomfort is our nature and a protective mechanism that the subconscious mind has. Creating change and maintain it will alter that comfort; it is easier to be passive and reactive than proactive about our health. Being proactive, changing one’s lifestyle without discomfort, is actually quite painful for the human ego. It is easier to be on autopilot. Humans, like all living beings, strive to avoid pain and discomfort. It is not within our nature to leave or abandon a place of comfort. This behavior is easily observable in the way humans tend to approach their health as well.

Ż.G.: Our current world is bathed in stress. There is hardly any person on the globe who is staying calm. What is your advice to your patients, to your followers – how should people influence their stress management by thoughts or writing? 

Dr. Isabel & Dr. Jyun: Stress is an interesting topic! Some stress is good for you! It is a vital response from the body to alert you on certain occasions. It also provides focus and motivation. However, excessive stress can deplete and weaken your body when you experience it for extended periods. It is essential to become aware and conscious of your emotions and reactions towards different situations.  Awareness is the initial state of healing at the physical, mental, or emotional level. With better awareness, you will make better choices and achieve better results. It is necessary to regulate our nervous system and achieve balance and harmony in our body to control the cascade of reactions that stress can generate.

We teach multiple methods to manage stress and anxiety, we encourage people to change their old patterns and start incorporating new habits. Mindfulness, meditation, journaling, and visualization are some of those methods.

Both thoughts and writing are powerful. We can multiply the benefits if we add positive emotions and feelings that make us expansive and happy. When we journal, our subconscious takes it as necessary. One of our recommendations is to include at least three things that you are grateful for every day. It will help start training new neural connections to see the positive and negative look at the cup as half full, not half empty.

Ż.G.: What is epigenetics, and how can we use it in our daily life?

Dr. Isabel & Dr. Jyun: Epigenetics study how behaviors and the environment can cause changes that affect our genes’ expression. It gives us the understanding that our genes don’t determine our future. By changing our thoughts and our environment, we can change our destiny. Oxford biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton says, “a negative belief is equally powerful in shaping our biology and our genetics.” If we start changing our thoughts and our actions, our genes can be expressed in our favor. We must expose ourselves to a different environment such as a positive community, fewer pollutions, fewer contaminants, and less toxicity.

Ż.G.: Does that mean that we can harm our body with negative thoughts as we can cure it with positive visualizations and affirmations?

Dr. Isabel & Dr. Jyun: Yes, absolutely true. Like the placebo effect, which is a consequence of a positive thought or a belief that can heal you. The nocebo effect is an idea or belief that something will make you sick or even cause death. You can’t control the external environment. But you can change the perception of it and regulate your internal environment through positive visualizations and affirmations.

Ż.G.: What is your way in life? Did you find out what to do? What was the most important experience in your life that was a kind of a decisive moment?

Dr. Jyun: I realized what my true calling was through years of challenges and contemplation. It certainly has taken almost 30 years since I started practicing medicine.

Dr. Isabel: My motivation to expand and share my knowledge was due to emotional and physical challenges and seeing my patients struggle to achieve well-being.

We are still learning, growing, and expanding as a person. It has been a transformational journey. All human beings need to go through self-discovery and awareness to achieve well-being. Our noble purpose is to scale “Courageous Flow” state experiences for the new mental wellness and health and well-being under UN SDG3. We need to be in constant movement.

Ż.G.: Doctors usually try to avoid the issue of spirit, God, and beliefs. Scientific proves, lab tests and pills as medicine only counts. But I understand that you run your patients differently?

Dr. Isabel & Dr. Jyun: Our organization, isamizu, focuses on an integrative medicine approach with consciousness. Consciousness is the ground of all beings. As many spiritual traditions teach us, we are spiritual beings having physical experiences and not the other way around. Through quantum principles, we bridge the gap between science and spirituality. We believe it is beneficial to consider the client as a whole, biology, psyche, and spirit when considering their health. Many scientific types of research indicate that spiritual belief, our perception, and prayers influence the outcome of healing effects immensely.

In Japanese:
isa means courage
mizu means the flow of water

Ż.G.: In the treatments, you use various tools; what kind of tools are your favorite?

Dr. Isabel & Dr. Jyun: Our approach is to integrate ancient wisdom and modern science with technologies. We use several quantum technologies to scan subtle energy fields. These technologies provide us with more information about the cell’s “story” of the body, rather than the allopathic medicine approach of observing information from a fixed point of time. We see each individual as a quantum being. It is necessary to consider the different imbalance levels in the body (physical, emotional, and energetic) to achieve well-being.

Ż.G.: What is your opinion on body detox from toxins like heavy metals, Roundup residues, or deacidification through green veggies, alkaline water, and reducing meat consumption. I have done all that, so I know how it works, but still, many people don’t trust these processes. Please, share your opinion on it.

Dr. Isabel & Dr. Jyun: The body holds many toxins, and when there is too much waste, our body tends to pile them up. Even our adipose tissue has the function to keep those toxins in its cells. When our cells and blood are more alkaline, eliminating toxins becomes more manageable. The liver, kidney, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin, which are in charge of carrying off waste, can do their job. Therefore, eating more green veggies, drinking slightly alkaline water, and reducing acidic foods will help our body system be optimal.

Ż.G.: Where is the world going now, according to your vision? Are we going to be able to be more mindful? And become more aware to help heal the planet?

Dr. Isabel & Dr. Jyun: When we look through ISAMIZU’s lens, we see the world as beautiful as it is. We believe the world is at a point of diversion. People have been experiencing a very different outlook during these rare times. Every moment of crisis is also a moment of opportunity, and we see that there is hope to make our world a better place to live and thrive. We strongly feel that the key is to provide more resources and education to our younger generation with conscious awareness to achieve well-being.

Dr. Isabel Perez, Ph.D. IMD is an integrative dentist with over 20 years of experience. She promotes comprehensive oral health, knowing the connection between oral health and general health. She believes that the mouth reflects the overall wellness and focus on natural health and energy healing, utilizing her Reiki Master skills to support her patients. While researching for her Doctorate and Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine discovered that patients have better results when the treatment combines the best therapies of western and eastern medicine.  She received her Doctorate and Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine in 2020. Dr. Isabel is also a co-founder of global company ISAMIZU, LLC, a company that creates empowering resources to promote health and wellness with consciousness. By providing pathways through combining the latest breakthroughs of modern science and Ancient science with technology, ISAMIZU helps individuals achieve balanced and holistic health. As an integrative dentist, Certified Health Coach, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and mother Dr. Isabel is passionate about expanding awareness and exploring new learning in many areas. She has an enormous heart to help children and guide younger generations.

Dr. Jyun Shimizu, Ph.D., IMD was inspired by his family’s value of compassion, balanced diet, and natural healing in Japan. Following his family’s background, he studied Traditional Chinese Medicine earning a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Japan and a M.S. in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University. In the 2000s he expanded his knowledge to homeopathic, Applied Kinesiology, and the Bio-energetic field. After 2010 he started to integrate functional medicine and mind medicine into healing of patient care. In 2020, he received Doctorate and Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine from Quantum University.  Currently he consults and empowers people who are interested in true healing with quantum principle.

Dr. Jyun is also a co-founder of global company ISAMIZU, LLC, a company that creates empowering resources to promote health and wellness with consciousness. By providing pathways through combining the latest breakthroughs of modern science and Ancient science with technology, ISAMIZU helps individuals achieve balanced and holistic health. As a #1 International Best Selling Author, researcher, speaker, educator and father Dr. Jyun believes in a balanced life and spends his free time exploring new educational topics, hiking with his family and expanding his own life potential.

You are welcome to visit the web site to learn more: www.isamizu.com/about-us