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PAN Europe launches 2 new court cases against EU Commission for deceptive protection of health and the environment

Brussels, 20. December 2023. – PAN Europe has initiated 2 new legal actions before the General Court of the EU. The goal is to fix the misimplementation of the EU pesticide legislation. We challenge the new regulation on co-formulants, which is an empty legislation without an obligation for pesticide companies to provide the toxicity data. […]

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Pesticides banned by the EU because of harm and danger are still in our food or environment!

Banned pesticides still widely used! How EU Member states abuse emergency authorisations? Pesticides banned by the EU because of harm and danger are still in our food or environment. Many EU countries continue to allow their use. In a new report, PAN Europe exposes the widespread abuse of emergency derogations in the EU.   Carcinogenic, mutagenic, genotoxic […]

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The uniqueness of ORGANIC LIFE Final Gala lies in going beyond the scope of ecology itself

In the meadows in Juchowo, representatives of various ecological environments, scientists, doctors and activists met. The ORGANIC LIFE TOP 50 Final Gala was preceded by the Ecomedicine Congress and the Ecological Networking Session. The program of the day, full of attractions, turned out to be extremely beneficial for the participants! Text: Żaneta Geltz Great personalities […]

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Microbiome on the 1 place

13 of May 2016 „Microbiome Initiative“ has been announced in the USA, during Barack Obama presidency as a national project. The White House has called a year earlier the scientists from all over the country, to find out how microorganisms influence the climate, food and human health. Why should we get interested in microorganism community? […]

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