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Setting Tomorrow’s Table during BITE Copenhagen exhibition

In the centre of Copenhagen, during World Food Summit event taking place in a Danish Parliament, most extraordinary food manufacturers, ecological pioneers and educators are gathering in BITE Copenhagen two-days show to see what is the MUST-HAVE for the upcoming season! It is a unique, tasteful event, which not only inspires consumers to switch to organic food, but also the food distributors to replace current offer with something genuine and nutritional. Does the time of unhealthy fast-food came to an end and we will eat vegan burgers from now on? Bite Copenhagen is a business-to-business food exhibition hosted at Bella Center Copenhagen on the 28th &29th of August 2019. Bite Copenhagen sets the framework for future food solutions. Visitors meet some of the most bright minds in the food industry, and take part in an international agenda that enjoys high media awareness and influences consumer choice.

Future Food Solutions

More than 50 nationalities participated in Bite Copenhagen 2018 to find inspiration among the many new innovative products.

What is new?

Visitors will have a first hand experience with never seen before products and solutions. Products with a high nutrtional value, rich taste, food-tech, packaging, plantbased, non- alochol solutions, local specialties, uncompromised quality and much, much more. The exhibition is packed with future friendly food solutions. Try them on August 28-29th.

Partners and Sustainable Global Goals

Bite Copenhagen act as a flagship event for the renowned Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. The Festival is dedicated to work with food as a driver for positive changes in the world, and promote the knowledge of the SDG’s through events. For 2019 the festival will focus on:

  • Gender Equality
  • Responsible Consumption
  • Life in the oceans
  • Sustainable cities
  • Education

The festival attracts more than 90.000 food lovers annually.

Highlights of 2019

• Bocuse d’Or qualification
• Chef’s Talent 2019
• National Championships in local recipes
• Masterclasses with leading experts
• Tastings and celebrations
• Networking and knowledge sharing
• A vibrant buzz and brand new products not yetreleased to the market.

Contact Exhibition Manager Christian Vejlund: Chve@bchg.dk  

Our team HAPPY EVOLUTION was invited as a media partner to present an inspirational speech to develop an appetite of a Danish audience for an organic and vegan style of life.

The subject of the session: WHY THE WORLD GOES ORGANIC AND VEGAN?

The speaker: Żaneta Geltz, editor-in-chief of HAPPY EVOLUTION magazine.