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Our global food system is broken

“I my house every now and then, my children have to empty the fridge before buying new food. And that means, I sometimes have to be the strict and unpopular parent. But I believe that the best parents are. We have to educate all our children to eat and consume food with modesty. Because science shows that it is during childhood that every persons health and food habits are formed for the rest of their lives. We can all do a difference if we have the right tools, the knowledge and the skills. Therefore, we must to ensure that all our children are given the possibility to live a life with a healthy diet, with the ability to cook for themselves, and the knowledge of the globe’s limitations.

I would like to very much thank all of you for coming here today. By working together we can create a joint movement and hopefully a sustainable World, for the safety of our children. But a lot has to change if we are to ensure better food for more people. Thank you for listening.”

Niko Grünfeld, head of the Department of Culture and Recreation at the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, spoke out among many other speeches [a list of participants is here >>]:
Being organic is a part of Copenhagen’s green profile – and the municipality plays an important role here: we have the largest communal organic cuisine in Denmark, serving 70,000 daily homemade meals, where 90% are organic.”

WORLD FOOD SUMMIT 2018, in Copenhagen 

The World Food Summit is about getting governments, the private sector and civil society to re-think the food system, and act together to mobilize and empower the 7,6 billion individuals around the world to transform our common world. This involves a holistic view at the role of food in society, culture, politics, environment, economics and art.

The World Food Summit aims to push forward solutions concerning sustainable food systems and healthy lives to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, by focusing on the themes: #BetterFood, #FoodWaste, #FoodSafety, and much more!

HRH Princess Marie of Denmark is being welcomed in front of the Danish Parliament building on August

HRH Princess Marie is patron of a great many national organizations, institutions, and foundations, and is an honorary member of various associations and societies.

HRH Princess Marie is among others the patron of The Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival, the Danish National Commission for UNESCO and the DanChurchAid.

Georges Képénékian, Mayor of the city of Lyon from France, said that “30,000,000 hectares of agricultural land were lost due to industrial agriculture and uncontrolled urbanization“, in his speech on August 30, 2018.

HRH Princess Marie of Denmark is talking to Miriam Saeed Hareb Al Muhairi, Minister for Food Security of The United Arab Emirates, who just made a speech, before the lunch break.

There was a Professor of Biological Oceanography Katherine Richardson, who informs that:
Our global food system is broken! Over 1.5 billion people suffer from malnutrition stemming either from too little or too much food! Over 70% of the freshwater used by humans is used for agriculture.
At the same time, agriculture is a major contributor to human-caused climate change through the emission of greenhouse gases. The conversion of wild natural areas to farm land is a major driver of biodiversity loss.
Currently, about half of the ice free area of the Earth is used for food production and most of this (the equivalent of the combined areas of North and South America) for growing animals or their food and, yet, about one-third of the food produced globally is discarded. Clearly, we will never be able to feed 2-3 billion more mouths by simply up-scaling current practices. A fundamental transformation of the global food system is a need not a nice to have if we are to feed humanity in the future.”


At the end of the extremely intense two days of the summit in the Parliament, there was a ceremony of signing agreements with 9 countries that declared active implementation of the provisions of the Food Summit in Copenhagen and appropriate reporting of results in the near future.

Reducing illnesses caused by food due to lack of knowledge of hygiene in the food chain is essential for achieving SDG target 3.9: by 2030 substantially reduce the numbers of deaths and illnesses from hazardous chemicals and air, water and soil pollution and contamination. More information about the partnerships are here:


The editors of the HAPPY EVOLUTION & HIPOALERGICZNI magazines, Żaneta and Marcin Geltz from GELTZ MEDIA, participated as the only media from Poland to provide readers with the latest news from countries that do not look passively at the fate of the planet, but take matters into their own hands and invite other countries to seriously change.

The Danish Minister for Environment and Food will host the 4th annual World Food Summit – Better Food for More People on 29-30 of August 2019 at the National Parliament, Denmark.

More on the event, please, visit the website: www.bfmp.dk.
If you want to hear more about World Food Summit please contact:

+45 72 27 66 89  WFS2019@FVST.DK 

Project leader and special advisor l Danish Food and Veterinary Administration

HRH Princess Marie of Denmark is thanking everybody for coming:

Participants of the World Food Summit 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Picture source: www.bfmp.dk.