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Is early diagnosis always better?



RetinaLyze – Danish AI supplier had the opportunity to contribute to significant discussion on the future of health diagnostics through oculomics, as featured in a recent publication called “Is early diagnosis always better” by The College of Optometrists.


“Oculomics combines a number of technologies, including high-resolution imaging such as OCT and fundus photography, AI and large-scale datasets such as INSIGHT and UK Biobank. By training algorithms on databases of millions of eye images and comparing them with images of other organs, as well as data from patient records, it is possible to observe a correlation between changes in the eye and particular health conditions. As Alastair says: “The power of oculomics is that we can look into your eye and see signals of your present and future health. We’ve been able to do this to some extent for more than 100 years, seeing changes in blood pressure and diabetes, but technology is enabling us to see things that were previously invisible.” These include early signs of diseases such as stroke and Alzheimer’s.”

  • we read in ACUITY, Spring 2024

Further we  read in the article:

“Oculomic technology doesn’t necessarily have to be a burden on the NHS. Danish company RetinaLyze is trialling a product in the UK that detects signs of eye disease from a fundus photographs and OCT scans. RetinaLyze scans and returns images within 30 to 45 seconds, and uses traffic-light colour coding to highlight areas of potential disease, with images being available for the optometrist to review before the patient goes into the consultation.”


“We like to think we’re the optometrist’s best friend, as RetinaLyze will support decision-making and, in many cases, identify early signs of eye disease before the human eye can,” says Chris Flynn, RetinaLyze’s UK Lead.

Prof. Alastair Denniston adds, “The power of oculomics is that we can look into your eye and see signals of your present and future health.”

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Source: www.retinalyze.com/post/the-college-of-optometrists-acuity-spring-2024