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HAPPY EVOLUTION Annual Magazine premiere in Dubai World Trade Centre

An epic day for our association, a PREMIERE OF HAPPY EVOLUTION ANNUAL MAGAZINE #1 2019 took place in Dubai World Trade Centre during ORGANIC & NATURAL Show on November 19th 2018. Having one hour speaking session in the conference corner, we could see that the audience is very interested in having access to independent news, free from being influenced by any of the biggest worldwide corporations. Long term health matters, this is the overall conclusion.


We are very grateful Mr. Shinu Pillai, the Director of the Exhibition “Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo Dubai” for inviting our association to participate this exceptional event and being able to contribute to the conference part during this international show.

fot. Happy Evolution, from the left: Daniel Demkiewicz, Zaneta Geltz, Shinu Pillai

The Middle East Organic and Natural Products Expo, the region’s only trade show focused exclusively on the organic sector is doubled in size in 2018.

The event’s Exhibition Director, Shinu Pillai, says about their success: “The new online to offline strategy O2O Connect’ that we initiated last year was hugely successful and delivered over 865 pre-arranged meetings with qualified buyers. Our Hosted Buyer and VIP programs delivered business on the floor which amounted to approximately $317 Million being generated in those 3 days. Another first for 2017 was the launch of organic247, which connected suppliers and buyers throughout the year and not just 3 days of the event.

Middle East’s Market Growth
The growth in the organic market in the Middle East has been nothing short of exponential during the past couple of years. The demand for all-natural products has been insatiable, so much so that the past 4 years have shown a 60% increase in the shelf space devoted to them in outlets across the UAE, with the surrounding countries following suit. Following the surge in popularity that organic goods have been enjoying, several retail giants have taken to private labelling products extensively over the last two years. Dubai’s powerful presence as a trade hub will only be further strengthened by the completion of Dubai Food Park, the Middle East’s first wholesale trade city.

“Taking a step further in assisting our exhibitors in trading with the region, we have launched ‘EZExport’ – a logistics service that provides international exhibitors with a one-stop-shop solution right from getting their products certified locally to clearing customs, freight and warehousing” added Mr. Pillai.


HAPPY EVOLUTION GLOBAL ASSOCIATION has been exhibiting for the 2nd time in Dubai, this time, however, showing an international solution for combining the health-oriented manufacturers and retailers, and scientific knowledge collected in the 100-paged magazine, printed with food paints. The magazine shows 10-steps recipe for a perfect health condition, which everybody can implement into their lives and stay away from illnesses that might be avoided.

Apart from educational role, we as HAPPY EVOLUTION GLOBAL ASSOCIATION invite ecological producers under our roof, to initiate worldwide expansion and growth of organic trade, which will help consumers to have access to highest quality food, beauty cosmetics, textiles, and other ecological products.

In 2018 the companies were offering:
– allergen-free hand soap and shampoo called Aquafarina Fermenti, offered by the company BeHealthy
–  natural juice from dried fruits from Soosh manufacture
– organic sprouts and blue corn from Popcrop company
– nuts and fruits from the producer Orzeszek

Happy Evolution zone was visited by buyers and distributors from nearly 40 countries from all over the globe!


The magazine is divided in 10 columns, embracing such areas as:

1. pH balance
2. Nutrition
3. Body control
4. Cleansing
5. Moving the body
6. Regeneration
7. Voting with the wallet
8. Minimalism and upcycling
9. Listening to nature
10. Mindfulness

The interviews with experts and real practitioners, help the reader to self-manage a personal change of daily habits. This single small changes guarantee spectacular results, which are visible within 4-5 months, depending on a discipline. It costs nothing more that 7$ for the magazine, and does not demand to buy any gadgets or software to process the change.


Readers could purchase their hard copy of the magazine right after the show and discuss their own individual situation with Zaneta Geltz, who created the 10 steps recipe after running a thousand of interviews for her Polish health magazine: HIPOALERGICZNI.

After having collected so much medical and scientific knowledge in one place, a fantastic picture has emerged, which shows exactly where do we make the mistakes, and how we can replace them with the right practices. As she said in the conference corner, Zaneta Geltz reduced her weight by 18kg in 4 months, and it was not any effort at all! The biggest value however, is not the body look, but the excellent feeling and strength that comes back to your organism, after being well fed and excellently treated by the owner.

fot. Daniel Demkiewicz, Zaneta Geltz – author of “10 steps recipe Happy Evolution”

We invite manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers to cooperate with us and promote this easy life-changing project, as we see that the World is now facing substantial challenges – impossible to meet, like:

  • diabetes explosion from 600 000 people suffering in 2015 up to 1 200 000 (double!) – in 2025
  • allergies rating from 40% in some countries up to 70% in big agglomerations
  • auto immunological diseases epidemia being most probably caused by pesticides
  • dropping rate of fertile couples, meaning lowered populations of developed countries
  • cancer being treated as the biggest health threat to a human kind, which is going to attack every second person within a decade
  • and many other issues like obesity, hearth problems, strokes, etc.

For at least the above reasons, it is worthwhile to go for organic, to stay healthier for longer and go vegan, to be able to live in a more sustainable World. This was the subject of the Speaking Session of Zaneta Geltz on November 19th, 2018 in Dubai.

Zaneta & Marcin Geltz happy after the premiere

Having in mind that we are all living in a global village, we need to realize two issues:

  • we can all take advantage of knowledge exchange and improve the global situation of human health and condition of planet Earth, we need to connect
  • we need to see that Asian and African populations started to follow eating habits of Western Europe and North America, which is bad, and developed countries started to analyze and appreciate vegetarian life style from the Orient, which is good


These two issues need to be incorporated in order to stop bad trends to develop, and help the good trends to flourish. This way, we can all – by sharing knowledge and following best practices – make the positive progress to the better. This is our duty for the sake of life comfort of our future generations.

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